Embedded software architect

Exotrail is hiring!


Exotrail is a space company based in France. We are developing mobility solutions for an agile space.

Our mission is to allow small satellite constellations to move in space, so that we can optimise their deployment, increase their performances and reduce space pollution. Thanks to this, a new world of telecommunication, Earth observation and space exploration will arise.

Our mobility solutions range from highly flexible high-thrust propulsion systems for small satellites (ExoMG™), mission simulation and operation software (ExoOPS™), and orbital transfer vehicles (SpaceVan™).

Exotrail launched in 2017 and has secured over 20M€ from prestigious Venture Capital funds and public grants. Our team consists of 50+ people who are passionate about disrupting the space industry. We operate out of two locations: Toulouse and Massy (suburb of Paris).

This is only the beginning. Small satellites equipped with propulsion will be able to deliver new space services and will entirely disrupt the space industry by servicing, repairing, assembling and manufacturing spacecrafts directly in orbit. Join us and be part of our great ambition!

Job Description

As an embedded software engineer, your role will be to design, develop and maintain the embedded software used in the SpaceVan™ satellite platform. To this end, you will be in direct collaboration with many subsystems suppliers and internal teams to coordinate, lead and be part of the effort to develop the software. As the first person dedicated to embedded software development, your reach will be large, and a high level of technical know-how, as well as organizational and interpersonal skills.

You will work closely with our team composed of several talents and your main tasks will involve:

  • Definition of the embedded software architecture
  • Expert and interface with external suppliers regarding software interfaces
  • Develop the embedded software required to link the subsystems of the platform
  • Interface with the ground operations team to ease the operations of the spacecraft
  • Manage the embedded software topic in the team, raise awareness and spread your technical know-how.

In addition, your job may evolve on much broader tasks that includes:

  • Possibility to be in a leadership position for the future of the SpaceVan™ project
  • Build and develop a team a several software engineers to reach our ambitious goal, both on its technological side, and on the short timing required by the mission.

From its inception to the hiring and development of a complete team over the next few years, your position will address a large variety of roles pioneering a new kind of space transportation for small satellites. You will work in our offices in Toulouse or in Massy. Remote work is possible on a weekly basis (no full remote work). Our current team will support you in their respective expertise: space mechanics, operations and space systems engineering in Toulouse and propulsion subsystem, transverse mechanical-thermal-electrical design in Massy. In your daily work, you will work with our current SpaceVan™ team, but also directly with our Chief Scientist.

Preferred Experience

You are already an experienced professional with a significant experience in embedded software development. You must be experienced in programming on microcontroller, on a Linux platform and through RTOS. You have a good knowledge of standard communication protocols (CAN, RS422).
This position can lead to a managerial position of the future embedded software team, or to a technical expertise position. Thus, both profiles with only technical expertise or with some management experience will be reviewed.

In both cases, this role requires the following skills:

  • A very high degree of autonomy;
  • A deep technical understanding of embedded software, with the will to tackle development work;
  • You want to work in a rewarding, yet demanding environment with a state of mind oriented towards results and rapid delivery;
  • You have great communication skills, both writing- and speaking-wise;
  • You are proficient in English. Any other language is a plus;
  • You are willing to take measured risks;
  • You want to bring agility to space and develop new services based on high-level technologies.

Recruitment Process

First meeting with the direct manager (Chief Scientist) followed by a technical meeting with a memeber of the SpaceVan team.
Then, the candidate will meet the remaining 3 cofounders of the company to get a sense of the company culture and its vision.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Massy, France (91300)
  • Possible partial remote