Full-stack software developer

Exotrail is hiring!


Exotrail is a space company based in France. We are developing mobility solutions for an agile space.

Our mission is to allow small satellite constellations to move in space, so that we can optimise their deployment, increase their performances and reduce space pollution. Thanks to this, a new world of telecommunication, Earth observation and space exploration will arise.

Our mobility solutions range from highly flexible high-thrust propulsion systems for small satellites (ExoMG™), mission simulation and operation software (ExoOPS™), and orbital transfer vehicles (SpaceVan™).

Exotrail launched in 2017 and has secured over 17M€ from prestigious Venture Capital funds and public grants. Our team consists of 30 people who are passionate about disrupting the space industry. We operate out of two locations: Toulouse and Massy (suburb of Paris).

This is only the beginning. Small satellites equipped with propulsion will be able to deliver new space services and will entirely disrupt the space industry by servicing, repairing, assembling and manufacturing spacecrafts directly in orbit. Join us and be part of our great ambition!

Job Description

Exotrail is expanding its software-development team of space dynamics engineers and software developers. Our team is developing ExoOPS™, our software suite to design and operate satellite missions with an emphasis on propulsion operations!

ExoOPS™ is based on modern languages (Java and Javascript) and is targeted to satellite integrators and operators. Our main goal is to provide an easy-to-use, yet accurate and powerful tool for satellite integrators to design their platform with respect to mission and space dynamics constraints, and for operators to operate effortlessly constellations of satellites equipped with propulsion.

Our core competencies lie in the development of algorithms to control low-thrust propulsion on small satellites and to integrate a full flight dynamics system within an easy-to-use, modular interface.

Among our team of 9 engineers and in the lively city of Toulouse, France, your job will be to contribute to the development of ExoOPS™ :

  • Fullstack development
  • Work in collaboration with the other software engineers on the software architecture, to make it generic and allow specific implementations depending on projects
  • In accordance with the product owner, implement the new modules
  • Implement new graphical components to have an intuitive user interface
  • Improve the data handling : huge amount of data need to be stored, accessed and displayed
  • Improve the user experience by working on user stories and data workflow.

In addition to these main tasks, you will also contribute to the development of the core features of ExoOPS™ which are linked to space dynamics and its implementation within an operations framework.
With our agile development mindset, you will be challenged on your contributions by the other members of the team and by the management so that your output is of high-quality and you will learn a lot. They are also here to help you when needed in both space dynamics, but also software development, our two areas of expertise in Toulouse.

Preferred Experience

The candidate shall be from an software development background. 2+ years of experience is recommended as the candidate will have a position with responsabilities in the development of the main software product of Exotrail.

This position requires a high level of autonomy, with an appetite for technical challenges solved with an agile mindset and with the entire team in Toulouse. Obviously it also requires very good communications skills. The candidate must always look for information to efficiently perform its various duties.
This role requires the following skills:

  • A high degree of autonomy;
  • An active mindset, with short development time, quick tests and iterative design process;
  • You have great communication skills, both writing- and speaking-wise;
  • You are not afraid to work in a changing and challenging environment;
  • You are willing to take measured risks;
  • You want to bring agility to space and develop new services based on high-level technologies;
  • You are interested in working in a start-up environment.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Toulouse, France ()