Mechatronics intern

Exotrail is hiring!


Exotrail is a space company based in France. We are developing mobility solutions for an agile space.

Our mission is to allow small satellite constellations to move in space, so that we can optimise their deployment, increase their performances and reduce space pollution. Thanks to this, a new world of telecommunication, Earth observation and space exploration will arise.

Our mobility solutions range from highly flexible high-thrust propulsion systems for small satellites (ExoMG™), mission simulation and operation software (ExoOPS™), and orbital transfer vehicles (SpaceVan™).

Exotrail launched in 2017 and has secured over 20M€ from prestigious Venture Capital funds and public grants. Our team consists of 50+ people who are passionate about disrupting the space industry. We operate out of two locations: Toulouse and Massy (suburb of Paris).

This is only the beginning. Small satellites equipped with propulsion will be able to deliver new space services and will entirely disrupt the space industry by servicing, repairing, assembling and manufacturing spacecrafts directly in orbit. Join us and be part of our great ambition!

Job Description

Exotrail is looking for an intern for a development of a Space Mechanism to integrate our product development team in Massy. The activity in Massy encompasses all the activities linked with the development of the ExoMG™ propulsion system, from design to tests and delivery.

Being able to steer the thrust vector of electric thrusters is important for missions beyond low-earth orbit for which some attitude control techniques become inadequate. The use of a mechanism is one possible option to bring the vectoring capability.
Exotrail has already started the design and the tests of several prototypes and is moving forward with environmental tests on the latest design iteration. These tests are key in the development as they will serve to evaluate the capability of the mechanism to withstand the mechanical loads during rocket launch and vacuum environment during mission operation.

Competencies have already been developed in the team regarding the mechanism kinematics, dynamics and control. A test bench is almost complete to perform acceptance tests of this mechanism. A few activities remain to be completed before having it fully operational.

Among our team of engineers in Massy, France, your job will be to:

  • Finalize the mechanism test bench in order to be able to perform acceptance tests with performance measurements,
  • Finalize the electronic board to control the mechanism,
  • Develop the post-processing algorithms to analyze the test outcomes from the test bench,
  • Use the mechanism prototypes already manufactured and available to validate the test bench and the post-processing algorithms,
  • Participate to the preparation, the realization and the analysis of the environmental tests.

Preferred Experience

You are a student enrolled in an Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace master's degree with:

  • Technical profile in CAD design, preparation of drawings and procurement of parts,
  • Basic knowledge in electronics,
  • Ability to handle parts and taste for manual operations (assembly, inspection & control, tests),
  • Experience in Matlab language,
  • Ability to perform Arduino coding.

You should be passionate about the space sector and ready to work in a very demanding environment – with the immense reward of being directly part of a very ambitious project!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (Between 3 and 6 months)
  • Location: Massy, France (91300)